Hi, we’re Youth In Time
A film and photography youth program.
Supporting teenagers and young adults living with cancer.
Don't read, feel it
Filming Ourselves runs weekly.
From January to June annually.
Through the arts
We express ourselves. We contribute. We heal

About Us

An enthusiastic and energetic team
Cancer targets people of all age groups, but the healthcare system is primarily geared to meet the needs of children and older adults. Young adult patients struggle under the radar with feelings of fear, isolation, low self -esteem and despair. Youth in Time, now in its third year, is a support program, which aims to help alleviate these and other related concerns. The program works with healthcare providers and community partners to supply educational material and to raise public awareness around the topic of young people living with cancer. The Youth In Time facilitators encourage group activities around self-expression, by creating various artistic workshops, and it is hoped that sharing knowledge, encouragement and communication within this peer group will help build confidence and promote both psychological and emotional healing.

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